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A First Experience of Professional Life of Young Indians models

The BPO industry, of which call centers are the major part, has flourished in India as more and more foreign companies are using the services of Indian companies for emergency response, client queries, lead generation, marketing and sales, and customer acquisition.

As the winds of western trends blow in India, youngsters in big cities with education in English medium schools find work in BPO firms during their college days, or right after completing school. They work night shifts and study during the day, and sometime bunk the classes. Getting such jobs depends on their ability to speak good English and ability in persuading people. Such BPO jobs are usually the first jobs for the youngsters, some of whom are straight out of school.

When they get the job there is a thrill of passing the interview and getting selected for a job that pays decently. There is also the excitement of learning a new accent: the BPO companies teach their employees to speak in American or British accent to make them more acceptable to the U.S. or British clients. There is the enthusiasm of an initial stage and the sleepiness for the first few nights in case they are working in a night shift. They learn the lessons of efficiency and call each other by their adopted 'American' names.

The BPO industry has seen many ups and downs over the years along with the IT industry, but on the whole the story has been of success. BPO jobs by Indian companies too have flooded the market in recent times and young people from cities do not find it too difficult to find jobs in BPO sector. But most of them leave the jobs in less than a year as the growing demand of studies, other goals, and boredom with the same dreary routine enter their life. The premier BPO service offering companies have changed their model and tried to integrate the BPO employees in other high-end services that provide a greater scope for development in order to control the high rate of attrition.

Some of the people who join a BPO firm at a young age stick to their jobs and become more efficient at handling the clients and become real assets to the companies. BPO companies reward good performers and so people with good communication skills and sales ability can earn a lot more in a short duration. Promotion also comes quick for the talented and with the growth of the BPO industries; better BPO jobs are becoming available; persuading many to make a career in the industry.

Time will tell how what direction the BPO services sector will take in future, but for now it is providing many youngsters a platform where they can stand on their own feet and make their mark in a professional outfit.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Lifestyle of Indian Girls Aspiring to Marry Abroad

The sun over the west shines just the same
The moon and the stars too
But something about the west
Beckons quite a few...

"Our decision is final", said Colonel Kapoor firmly, "if you wish to do a PhD in the US, we will find a suitable boy living there. Get married and the you can go." Shruti, their elder daughter was aghast. She could not believe that in this day and age, her parents, whom she had always considered liberal, would turn out to be so conservative. It was her dream to enroll for a doctorate degree in one of the top American universities. Besides, her excellent M.Sc results ensured that she stood a good chance of getting a scholarship. Surprisingly, her parents, who had always been so supportive of her ambitions and aspirations, now seemed adamant and unrelenting. She was perhaps too young and naïve to understand the fears they had about sending their beloved child all alone to a strange, advanced and unknown land, where she would have no one to call her own.

"My dream", sighed Radha, "is to marry an NRI (non resident Indian). Radha, a 24-year old chartered accountant, had always been in awe of the west. Europe and the US were her ultimate destinations, not just to visit as a tourist, but to live and feel that she belonged to those nations more than her own country.

Neha Aggarwal, a college graduate pursuing a secretarial course, stood on the threshold of marriage. In her family, an NRI was the ultimate catch, and he stood head and shoulders above any bachelor working in India.

These three young ladies, smart, accomplished and intelligent, had one more thing in common. Marrying an NRI seemed inevitably the only route towards the fulfillment of their dreams. The Indian mindset is such that people are convinced that the brightest and the smartest men always head towards western countries, where their intellect is appreciated and rewarded. Material comfort, economic security when added to the brand value linked to living overseas, becomes the dream of every parent for his daughter.

But is it as simple as marrying in India, and life abroad a cakewalk? Not really, as the contrast between lifestyles in India and other countries is too much to be taken lightly. Girls aspiring to marry abroad need to make a conscious effort and change their present lifestyle according to the requirements of the future.

NRIs or Non Resident Indians are those fellow countrymen who have stepped beyond Indian soil in pursuit of a job, build a career, or start a business. Whatever the assignment, working abroad certainly means more money, greater recognition of talent and dignity of labor, an excellent work environment along with immense job satisfaction, success coming much quicker than it would anywhere in India. That a dollar or euro salary helps afford good lifestyles, is also a consideration. Large villas, plush apartments, latest cars, seaside holidays, all come within a short period of time. It is the best option for a generation that likes to work hard and play hard. Back in India, they command a new kind of respect, doors open for them, and heads turn with a look of awe and admiration from all around.

This may seem like a bed of roses, but it comes with its fair share of thorns. The flip side to marrying abroad, can turn out to be a traumatic experience for young ladies oblivious to the harsh realities that stare at them once they leave India.

The first step is to meet an eligible bachelor working abroad, and liking him enough to say yes to the long-term commitment called marriage. Men living overseas have spent many years alone, establishing careers without any family support or comfort. They succumb to familial pressures for matrimony, but have definite ideas about what they would like in a life partner.

The Indian system of marriage is quite different from the west. While love marriages frequently take place, arranged marriages are more commonplace. An arranged marriage means that parents try to find suitable companions for their children on the basis of family, position and education. It is an age-old belief that children from similar family backgrounds and comparable economic positions are likely to have a more successful married relationship. Moreover, Indian society being conservative, till very recently, it did not give boys and girls the liberty to move about socially where they could get an opportunity to meet suitable partners. Parents are particularly strict with daughters, seldom permitting them to socialize unescorted. This naturally meant that the probability of young people meeting prospective life partners was very low. The task of finding a life partner has been the prerogative of the parents and relatives, and matchmaking quite an interesting assignment. This generations-old tradition has also been based upon common belief that children are too naïve and immature to decide who would make a good life partner for them, and therefore, the task should be handled by mature elders. Initially, the boy and girl in question were not even asked whether or not they liked the person chosen for them. Over the years this has changed, and the boy and girl meet and even go out together, quite like the west. As a friend puts it," people all over the world, meet, fall in love and decide to marry; in India, the boy and girl meet, marry and then fall in love!" Marriage is serious business in India, and considered to be a lifelong commitment. Divorce and separation are frowned upon, and even the courts of law try to resolve issues of marital discord to preserve the relationship and restore normalcy in the family. This is the rationale behind parents choosing prospective marriage partners for their children.

The fate of an NRI is quite the same. Once he succumbs to pressure from parents and agrees to meet prospective brides, the boy's parents shortlist a few girls whose family backgrounds have been checked and the girls' qualities, personality and habits gauged through common friends or acquaintances. They seem to have fixed notions about an ideal daughter-in-law, and fervently hope that their son would choose one of the girls they have liked. The son, in turn, has an image of a partner who has a bit of the smartness of a Susan or Jane at his workplace, but also has a strong set of Indian values, who can run a warm Indian home for him, cook exotic meals both Indian and western or oriental, pamper him so that he just has his work to think of, and does not have a thing to do once he comes home. She must also be well educated to blend into his social circle and not be a misfit. She must be able to fend for herself rather than depend on him for everything. Men in India, often feel that everything they say or do, must be accepted and even appreciated, but never questioned. While non-resident Indian men have learnt to do household tasks, but once married, they wish to wriggle out of such mundane though essential chores.

Choosing a life partner is difficult especially because nowadays, it is not enough that the girl is "presentable". To be able to gauge her attitudes and outlook, and to see whether they may prove to be compatible, the Indian abroad wishes to meet the girl time and again. Her behavior and demeanor will help him decide whether or not she will fit into his life overseas. The girl on her part, takes her time to see whether the man is thoughtful, warm and caring or is he a male chauvinist, arrogant about his success, and singularly lacking in the ability to give respect to others, especially women. Many Indian young men remain tied to their mother's apron strings for their whole lives, and hence are never able to see the talent and qualities in other women. These attitudes sometimes change when they live abroad where the society offers a lot more respect to women. Marriage for Indian men too is a deep commitment; therefore, the NRI takes pains to acquaint the prospective bride with the tough lives and tasks ahead, which in India, they may never have faced. Living in India under parents' protection is an entirely different experience. India is home, their comfort zone, familiar and friendly, and seemingly safe. Parents indulge and pamper, assist and advise in everything, always shielding their children from difficulties and tensions.

Thus, when the goal is to marry someone settled abroad, it is better to prepare in advance, get acquainted in western ways, and hence be equipped to handle a different life in an unknown place. The bottom line is that life abroad is tough, entailing a lot more hard work. One would need to be efficient in household chores since domestic help is a rarity, restricted to only an elite class of people. India is one of the few countries where domestic help is a given. Time management skills are an asset and efficient handling of every chore becomes essential since there is so much to do. From shopping, cooking and cleaning to clearing snow from the driveway, mowing the lawn, the list goes on... Added to this is the fact that the migrant feels lost and lonely in an environment that does not exude warmth, and cities seem almost deserted, as populations are not at Indian levels. Above all, the young ladies in question are in a new relationship, still getting to know their husbands.

It would be beneficial for each of these girls to acquire skills such as driving so that they can be independent. In the Indian system few can afford a car per member of the family, employing chauffeurs is a prerogative of the elite and the middle class are a single-car family with men most of the time. The young ladies on the threshold of marriage must also read and gather information about the social norms of different countries, be well informed about western society, and even acquire some language skills, for, who knows when the knowledge of another language may come in handy. The Internet puts a world of information at one's fingertips, and one has to browse around to become well informed. Knowledge is the key to greater confidence makes you more self assured and dignified in demeanor, and society is more receptive and warm to such individuals.

In terms of appearance, it is important to merge with the crowd, rather than stand out as a foreigner. The young ladies can also try out different types of cuisines and develop a taste for non-Indian food. Most Indians find continental food unpalatable, and vegetarian options are not their kind either. One would have to develop a taste for different foods so as to not face an embarrassing situation in a social gathering being unable to eat anything. Young ladies are not in the habit of taking on complete cooking responsibilities, restricting their culinary experiments to a single exotic preparation. Most mothers are in charge of the daily staple food in Indian homes that include multiple preparations. Under their watchful eyes, the girls can gather a number of helpful tips that make every meal delicious.

In Shruti's case, she has to grow out of the student mould focusing only on studying. She has to get used to the idea of getting married, sharing her life, shouldering the responsibility of a home, being a wife and student at the same time, and above all, learn enough about the U.S. Western influences have crept into Indian society, but many unknown facts are unraveled when one delves deeper. Her homework on universities, admissions and scholarships will have to be centered around the place where her prospective husband is based. She has to work herself out of the emotional attachment to her family, to be able to leave them and go. A part of her daily schedule set during discussions with her parents, is to plan one meal everyday and set it in front of her family. Her father has decided to give her driving lessons himself and useful tips on money management.

Radha and Neha need to do the same. Both belong to smaller cities and are less exposed to Western influences. Simple living and their laid-back attitude would have to be changed if they are aspiring to marry abroad. Exposure to non-Indian food and dress, etiquette and table manners, good command over English, the art of polite conversation even in a crowd of unknown people instead of sitting quietly in a corner, appropriate behavior in public places, are some of the things they need to learn. Being able to walk smartly with an air of confidence will take time and practice. This will please their partners and life beyond the home would become a lot more fun, than facing the prospect of reprimand each time they are out and not doing things right. Neha realizes that she needs to take aerobic lessons to lose weight and tone up her body. Radha feels the need to learn western dance so that she can join the crowd wherever there is music and dancing.

Marrying abroad has been a happy experience for thousands and a nightmare for just as many. Girls must learn to handle difficult situations. Beyond India, each young man is an anonymous entity, very few know where he goes and what he does, certainly not his family in India. If the girl's family does not make sufficient enquiries, the girl's life faces the risk of being ruined. Some young Indian men have already married foreigners, but keep their families back home in the dark. They lack the guts to tell their parents the truth and lead them on, never realizing that they would be ruining an innocent girl's life. They feel they could go on with this dual charade forever, but the truth inevitably stumbles out. The worst sufferer is the girl in question.

Many a time men profess to own businesses while they are actually employed for menial jobs. Thus a waiter claims to be a restaurant owner, a salesman becomes the owner of a chain of stores. Torture and abuse of innocent girls are horror stories. Caution and thorough investigation becomes the key to avoid such agony. The stresses and strains of survival in Western society take their toll on men too, who, unable to vent their frustrations elsewhere, resort to abusive behavior and the young wife is at he receiving end. Crossing from one economic level to another also leads to behavioral changes in men.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Attract Younger Women - Even Though You're Older

Regardless of just how much older you are now, you can still attract younger women. Forget what your mind has led you to believe about how you're an old geezer who can no longer pick up chicks. When it really comes down to it, women are not too concerned with age, but rather what it is you can offer them. Here are some guidelines to success...

1) Realize What Younger Women Want

One of the first ways to attract younger women is by knowing what they want. What a woman wants is very dependent on her age. It's best to think back to when you were her age.

For example, if you're into women who are in their early twenties, you're going to really have to give it some effort. Chances are you're in your late 30s, or perhaps even your 40s and have settled down a bit.

It's important to realize that women who are in their early to mid twenties enjoy a bit of excitement, so talking about what you want to name the children definitely isn't the best way to catch her attention. Instead, focus on being a bit humorous, but never step out of character so much that you're not being yourself.

Women of all ages can always sense when a guy is trying too hard. It's a complete turn-off to any woman and can possibly destroy her perception of you altogether, not to mention, ruin any possible chance that you may have had with her to begin with. Always be yourself.

2) Expect Some Rejection - It's Normal

It's important to realize that although you are trying to attract younger women that not all of them will be into you.

Many women simply won't date an older guy, regardless of how attracted to them they might be. They would much rather stick to guys their age because that's just how they choose to date.

Dating younger women is a lot like dating women your age. You're still going to come across women who aren't interested in you. Just remember to not take it too personally. Rejection always hurts, but fortunately, there are and will always be plenty of other younger, more attractive, and fascinating women out there will find themselves intensely drawn to you.

3) Show Off Your Social Status

The key to attract younger women is to appear as if you are important to society. You want to make sure that she realizes that you're a big deal to other women. In order to do this, always make sure that you are surrounded by other women, even if they're just close friends. Make sure that you have an even mixture of women of different ages, so as not to create the impression that you're only into older women or younger women. The wider the range of different types of women you're surrounded by, the more intriguing you'll appear.

4) Be Seen To Be Sociable

No matter what you do, never give off the vibe that you're completely and totally unavailable. Don't talk about other women or previous relationships either.

A lot of men like to seem mysterious and show up to the club or bar alone and sit in the corner. Although in your mind you may think this is appealing, it's not. It's one of the worst attempts to attract younger women. They'll regard you as someone who is anti-social and perhaps a bit creepy and weird - and oh yeah - being older won't help the scenery.

The older you are, the more you need to be social. Consequently, you'll appear ten times more attractive than all those younger guys.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Understand the Psychology Behind Dating Younger Women

Online dating is a perfect option for younger women. Some of them – those aged from 18 to 30 –  are experiencing difficulty meeting the right guy (or girl) in bars, clubs and all the other traditional pick-up joints. They are fed up with crude, insensitive and downright ignorant men hassling them for a quick sexual encounter with nothing more to offer.

The root of the problem is simple. Young guys are ruled by the testosterone flowing through their bodies – they are sexually primed and ready to rip. Unfortunately for them, the younger women they are trying to seduce are usually later bloomers as far as libido is concerned. There  are exceptions, of course, but  for the sake of this exercise we shall look at "average" younger women.

Younger women definitely do not want the following scenarios:

    Inebriated guys making drunken passes
    Guys keen on demonstrating their antisocial behavior in public
    Adolescent boys who think fighting and brawling in public will impress them
    Guys who are too busy to talk because they are playing games on their smart phones

What young women generally do want in a man – of any age – is:

    Attention (and plenty of it)
    Romance (flowers and chocolate)
    Compliments galore

Young women are eager to have their developing egos stroked. At the youngest end of the scale, we are talking about girls who have only recently finished school, yet legally are treated like women. It wasn't long ago that they were playing with dolls and worrying about the arrival of their first period. For this reason, the option of online dating is perfect for them. They have the opportunity to take their time, getting their feelings out in the open with any potential suitors.

For women closer to 30 (still "younger women" in this day and age), they are hopefully over the adolescent stage, and now their lives are often focused on work and career priorities. These women have "driven" psyches – career is everything and all else comes a distant second. For them, the main reason they like online dating is simple: they are just too darned busy in their lives to spend idle time chasing boys (or girls) in bars and clubs. They prefer to systematically browse through compatible males and females online. That way, their careers can remain priority one.

Finally, there is the younger woman who wants to start a family. She is the clucky type, who for whatever reason is having absolutely zero luck in finding a man to father children for her. For those girls with strong maternal instincts, the perfect option is an online search for her ideal man. She can put it in her profile – no beating about the bush – that she is interested in getting a family going ASAP. This way, she will quickly attract a bunch of men who are also interested in putting down roots with a young lady but who also are unable to find the right woman offline.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Some Reasons Why Younger Men Love To Date Older Women

For some people, it may be an absolute mystery as to why younger men have a fascination with dating older women. If you have ever been curious as to what the fascination is, then this article will help shed some light.

First of all, you should know that I am a female and I have been single for almost 4 years. I was married young and divorced after 8 years of marriage. I started dating around the time my divorce was finalized. As soon as I was introduced to the night life and dating scene; all things I never really experienced since I was married before I could legally drink or even enter most night clubs.

I had noticed that most of the men that approached me in clubs, bars or even through online dating sites; were almost always younger. The youngest man I was sexually involved with was 8 years younger than me. Why these younger men were drawn to me is still a mystery. I always rationalized it being due to the fact that for being 29 years old at the time, perhaps I looked 25. I'm not a knock out with a "banging body" or anything. In fact I am chunky and currently losing about 30 pounds. I guess I am considered attractive in the face and I have been told on numerous occasions by men on dates that I look like Eva Mendes. I get the most compliments for my smile. Personally I believe a nice smile exudes confidence and perhaps that is why younger men have been attracted to me.

Many younger men like older woman because they feel they are less inhibited in the bedroom. Yes, I am saying younger men want an older woman to have mind-blowing sex with. They know an older woman has experience between the sheets and that she is not shy to tell him what she likes and teach him a new trick or two. An older woman is as equally attracted to a younger man for sexual reasons because we tend to factor in stamina and athleticism with younger men.

Getting off of the sexual perspective of why younger men like older women; men simply love older women because they are more mature. They are least likely to make a relationship be the end all to their lives. Older women are aware of life being too short and are more apt to take risks and be more adventurous in general.

Older women tend to have less insecurity about their physical body and features. This also is an indication of confidence which younger men find incredibly sexy and are more drawn to.

Older women tend to be more independent. They are well into their careers and usually are more financially secure. You will find an increase in home owners with older women. Either they bought the homes on their own or were awarded them after a divorce.

One of the biggest responses I have heard as to why younger men like older women is an older woman knows what she wants. She is done playing games and wants to settle into a committed loving relationship that will last a lifetime.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Cougar Club - How to Date Or Be a Cougar

Being in a relationship consisting of an older woman and a younger man is one of the most dating kinds of relationship for both individuals, if you learn how to take advantage of this setup. Dating cougar has undeniably risen in number for the past few years. Whether you are looking to enter a cougar club or looking at the option of dating one, read more below to find out how you can make the most out of it.

Dating Cougar

Before you embark into dating cougar, you need to consider a few things first. Since this works just like any other form of dating, you have to enter this dating scene with a specific goal in mind. Are you looking for temporary fling or something more serious? By learning to identify your goals, you can narrow down your choices and make choosing a lot easier. And the next important step once you've identified the type of woman to go for, you need to find out how you can please them. Avoid playing hard to get too as you are only wasting both your time. You have to make yourself available whenever she wants to hang out or have fun.

At the end of it all, you need to prepared to understand or face the social stigma. Dating cougar is still considered as a taboo in the society, despite it being around for several decades now. You also have to beware of women who are merely looking for a fling, particularly if you are in it for a serious relationship.

If you are a younger man looking to date women older than you are, there are literally hundreds of online dating websites out there for you to join in. Most of them offer free membership, which enable you to put up your own profile and share photos with other singles in various parts of the world. You can also check out cougar club, which provides you with more specific choices if you are looking for women of specific age brackets. In addition to these dating sites, you will find lots of other network opportunities online that enable you to connect with cougars. This works like other dating services on the internet wherein you have a wide range of profiles to check out, view basic info about a specific person, and interact with them in the hopes of building a relationship between each other.

Becoming a Cougar

If you have decided to enter into a cougar club and expand on your current options of men to date, this should serve as an exciting prospect in the life of single women. Below are some excellent tips on how you too can have fun dating younger men:

*Look beyond your usual understanding of young men and try to appreciate them individually instead of looking at them through stereotypical lenses.
*Age is after all just a number. It does not mean that he is younger that he is automatically immature. You need to think past that.
*Join cougar club or cougar dating sites to explore your options. Let as many single men know how you have fun and enjoy life, which is a major turn-on for most men.

If you are among other Cougar and seeking to date younger men then Cougar Dating can be your best platform. Cougars dating site is specially meant for older woman's seeking to date a younger men.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Junior Golf Clubs - Getting the Kids Involved

Now that golf has become more popular, golf players are getting younger and that means the equipment has also changed to satisfy their needs. It helps out children and junior golfers when they can learn the sport with a set of clubs that is made to fit them. Using an adult set of clubs to learn the sport is neither easy nor practical for the younger players. Children do have the tendency to go through growing spurts so it's very important for parents to find good clubs in their size at a price that is affordable. It's not hard to find auctions or even sports centers that offer exchange programs on children's equipment. There is always a way to find cheaper gear without losing the quality or integrity of the product.

You should always have your child with you when you go to get his next set of clubs. "Measure twice and buy once" is a good motto when it comes to golf club purchases. Clubs are usually sold to fit the height of the user but it's never a bad idea to have your child with you when choosing the clubs. You want to make sure your child is able to handle the clubs properly to avoid any problems when they are out on the golf course. The golf club grip on the junior golf clubs is a bit smaller than the adult grip making it easier for the child to handle when playing. Junior clubs are made with children in mind; they are not just a shorter version of an adult club.

Junior golf clubs are lighter and made to be handled by children easier. These clubs need to be calibrated to offer the same feel as an adult club when on the course. They need to simulate the adult swing and this can be difficult to achieve. If you go with a cheap set of clubs, you may not get the quality your child needs to become a great golfer and that can cause unnecessary frustration when the child is out on the course.

With a junior golf club set, there are fewer clubs than with the adult set. Normally, there are 14 clubs including woods and irons but in a junior set, you will see much fewer clubs. Children do not need the advanced set of clubs until they start to get used to the positions, swings, and formations used in golfing. These clubs come later as the child becomes more advanced and comfortable with his swings. The putter is the most important club to fit the child. Usually the putter is measured to the waist height of the child for accuracy in putting.

Terje Brooks has been writing articles online as well as off-line for many years now. Terje writes about sports, health and fitness, home and family issues among other topics. Take a look at his women's golf shoes site, which contains reviews of women's golf shoes as well as other womens golf clothing reviews.